Emotions, lifestyle and future. Canelli Yachts is a dream come true, devised by three young guys who believe in a new, exciting way of making luxury yachts. Our goals are top design, high technology and first rate comfort, no less. A new way of thinking, in order to achieve a different, high standard future in top rate yacht making. We see yachts not as simple boats but as a part of your life. State of the art vessels built for your leisure, and trustworthy, glamorous companions for your weekends with your significant others. We want our yachts to be admired and appreciated, but your leisure is our main target. We focused on design, superior technology and comfort but, most importantly, on indulging your lifestyle, elegance and uniqueness.


We want you to relax on our yachts and look at the sunset with a good drink, in a wonderful landscape. We paid attention to any kind of details to craft our yachts as the ultimate luxury tools to exploit beauty in all its forms. As evocative and reliable means for being inspired by new, exotic and enthralling locations. We don’t want you to know everything about engines, fiberglass, electrical equipment and other features. We just want you to be concerned in discovering new, exciting places and enjoy your free time on top of your emotions.


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Legal Headquarters
Via Luca Signorelli, 5 - 00196 Rome - Italy
+ 39 06 32 01 873 - +39 335 81 38 525
Operational Headquarters
Via Solferino, 6 - 80058 Torre Annunziata (NA) - Italy
+39 333 34 39 201
International Sales
9, Avenue des Papalins
98000 - Monaco
+33 6 24 58 00 73