Our Philosophy - New moods to live

Canelli Yachts - new moods to live. Design, comfort and technology are out of date. We talk about dreams, way of life and future.

Canelli Yachts comes out from a dream of two young guys who believe in a new way of making yachts. We dreamt about these yachts some years ago and now we are proud to present it to our customers. Design is at the top, technology to build it, is at the top, comfort is something that is obviously at the top of our goals. We are talking about a new way of thinking.

We believe in a another future. We believe in objects that will remain in your mind and that are part of your life.

We believe in yachts that are objects of design but for everyday use. We believe in spending weekends with the ones you love. We believe in yachts which are to be admired but also to be used. We focused on design, the latest technology and comfort. But we focused, first of all, on your way of being, elegance and about being unique and simple.

We want you to relax on our yachts and look at the sunset with a good drink. That's why we paid attention to any kind of details to have your staying aboard as the result of your way of life. We think that a yacht is an instrument to exploit what nature brings us. A yacht is only the way to find inspiration in new places. We don't want you to know everything about engines, fiberglass, electrical equipment and other features. We want you to be concerned about new places to discover and new moods to live.